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American Conference on Diversity
Annual Statewide Conference on Diversity Issues in Higher Education


March 3, 2000 – Holding Higher Education Accountable: Diversity in Real Life
November 2, 2001 – Human Relations Skills in the Workplace
March 7, 2003 – Human Relations Skills in the Workplace
March, 2004 – Diversity, Privilege and Empowerment: Tools to Make a Difference
November 18, 2005 – Campus Diversity: Past, Present and Beyond (a 5 year overview – linked to our “5th” annual conference)
March 2, 2007 – Educating for Inclusive Leadership: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders for Change.
November 14, 2008 – Celebrating Community with a Purpose: From the Environmental to the Interpersonal
November 13, 2009– Diversity Initiatives: Facing the Challenges of Tough Times
November 19, 2010 – Celebrating a Decade of Inclusion: Transition Troops to College and the Workplace
November 18, 2011 – A Dream Deferred? Black and Latino Males in College and the Workplace

2000 – NJ City University
2001 – Rutgers – New Brunswick Campus
2004 – The College of New Jersey
2005 – Montclair State
2007 – Monmouth University
2008 – Drew University
2009 – NJIT
2010 – Brookdale Community College
2011 – Rutgers- Newark

Keynotes and Panels
2000 – Keynote:  Dr. Reginald Wilson, Senior Scholar Emeritus – ACE (American Council on Education). 
Response Panel: Gittenstein, President TCNJ; Lawrence, President Rutgers; Noonan-President, Bloomfield (he did not attend, sent his executive assistance); Yamba, President Essex County Community; Students from Burlington County, Fairleigh and St. Peter’s.  Moderator: Carlos Hernandez, President NJCU.

2001 – Keynote: Al Koeppe (C.O.O. PSE&G).
Panel: Cole, President Montclair; Bullock, AVP L’Oreal USA;
Jones, Dir. University Relations, Prudential Financial; Like, Professor; Mitchell Mintz, Commissioner NJ Dept. of Personnel., Student Panel.

2003 – Keynote: Claude Willis, Senior Personnel Director, General Motors.
Afternoon Panel: Homeland Security Practices and Individual Privacy Rights, with NJ Dept. of Homeland Security and FBI rep.

2004 – Keynote:  Jay Howard, Manager of Culture and Diversity, and Melinda Maluga, Corporate HR       Director – Toys R Us.
Afternoon session – Application and Commitment to Diversity/Process and application of sustained dialogue (group process led by Scottworks)
Student Roundtable Discussion:  Diversity – the Real Deal.

2005 – Keynote: Edgar F. Beckham, Senior Fellow at AAC&U
Presidents’ Panel: Ed Bullock, Moderator; Dr. Susan Cole, President, Montclair State University; Paul Gaffney, II, President, Monmouth University; Dr. Mildred Garcia, President, Berkeley College; Dr. John Petillo, President; Dr. Zachary Yamba, President, Essex County College.

2007 – Keynote: Major General Joseph McNeil
Education and Employment Panel: Dr. Clement Price, Moderator; Ed Bullock, VP Diversity, L’Oreal USA; James Moore, Asst. Commissioner, Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development; Jane Oates, Exec. Dir., NJ Commission on Higher Education & Senior Policy Advisor.

2008 – Keynote:  Barbara Heisler Williams, Executive Director of Fund for an OPEN Society.
Community Leadership Panel:  James E. Harris, Moderator; Ed Bullock, VP Diversity, L’Oreal USA; Jay Watson, Jr., Deputy Commissioner for Natural Resources, NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection; Rich Thigpen, VP of State Governmental Affairs, PSEG; Dr. Robert Weisbuch, President, Drew University; Maria Viscarrondo, Dir. Newark Dept. of Child & Family Well-Being.

2009 – Keynote: Luke Visconti, CEO of DiversityInc Media LLC
Response Panel:  James E. Harris, Moderator; Luke Visconti, Edward Bullock, VP Dirversity, L’Oreal USA; Lucia DiNapoli Gibbons, Regional President, Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Co.; Diane Schwartz, President & CEO, American Conference on Diversity; Dr. Carlos Hernandez, President NJCU

 2010     Keynote: Dr. James E. Sulton, Jr. Executive VP for Administration, Brookdale Community College
Keynote Response Panel: James E. Harris, Moderator; Dr. James E. Sulton, Jr.; Edward Bullock, VP Diversity, L’Oreal USA; Eleanor Glazewski, Associate Registrar, Brookdale Community College; Robert L. Lattimer, Senior Fellow, Diversity Studies Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy Rutgers University

2000 – Div. Education and Teacher Ed Certification
Faculty and Staff Diversity Programs
Research and Evaluation Data Supporting Diversity Education
Student Intergroup Relations Programs
Recruiting a Diverse Faculty
Developing a Diverse Campus Climate
The Inclusive Curriculum
Recruitment for a Diverse Student Body
Higher Ed in Action-Community Service.

2001 – Reactions to morning sessions – strand breakouts were by “Employer” “College” and “Student/Recent Grad” 

2003 – Global Influences on Domestic Issues of Diversity
The Impact of Religious Diversity on Cultural Values and Behaviors
Competing Equities and the Historic Struggles Against Race and Gender Discrimination Versus Changing Dimensions, Values and Behaviors.
Sexual Orientation – the Neglected “Ism”

2004 – Sustained Dialogue and Best Practices (4 workshops separated into K-12; Higher Ed; Employers; Students)

2005 – Best Practices by NCCJ-NJ
Diversity Assessment 101
Incorporating Diversity in the Classroom
Higher Ed and the Community: Diversity Partners
Health Care Education and Diversity
Building on Dr. King’s Legacy

2007 –  Ability Status
Non-traditional Age Students
International immigration
Middle Eastern-Americans
Sexual Orientation/identity
Native American

2008 –  Environmental Justice
Greening College Communities: Student Perspectives
Greening the Curriculum
Public Policy
Green Careers and Education
Interfaith Perspectives
Healthcare Disparities
Student Engagement in Diversity Issues in Higher Education
Corporate Responsibility and Diversity
Educating for Civic Engagement

2009 – Recruiting Diverse Candidates in Higher Education and the Workplace Importance of Mentoring
“Fitting In” – on Campus and in the workplace (student –focus)
Current Legal Issues Affecting Diversity in Higher Education and the Workplace
Green Careers and Education
Retention of Diverse Students on Campus
Diversity Toolbox: Students and New Professionals Brainstorm on How to Manage Diversity Issues

2010 – The Diversity of Veteran’s Experience
Readjustment Issues of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: Focus on Academic Learning
Navigating the Vocational Rehabilitation System for Veterans
Transitioning Military Personnel to College and the Workplace: Issues Related to the Effects of Negative Stereotyping of Military Personnel
The Experience of the female Veteran
What’s the Difference? Is there a Difference? The Voice of the Student Veteran